Mobile Device Management (MDM) Policies

Best Practices Guide

This document is designed to give you Mobile Device Management (MDM) best practices we’ve developed while working with our extensive customer base. 

It will also show you how MaaS360 can help you. 

MaaS360 is designed to give you maximum control over mobile devices, so you can reduce risks to your corporate data without jeopardizing employee productivity. It will watch over your devices, both employee-owned and those provided by the corporation, making sure they comply with corporate security policies. You can set it up so that you don’t have to do anything if devices fall out of compliance – MaaS360 can take action automatically. Some of these actions include: 

- Warning the administrator that there could be a problem 

- Sending a message telling the user to do something 

- Preventing the user from accessing his corporate email account from his device

- Wiping corporate data, apps and documents from the device while leaving personal data untouched 

For example, you can create a policy listing restricted, approved and required apps for your users. If they are out of compliance, the device can be restricted from accessing corporate email accounts, Wi-Fi, and the VPN after 24 hours. You can then assign this policy to all the active Android devices that have reported in to MaaS360 in the last seven days.


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